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Microinsurance Centre

Microinsurance pre-feasibility studies

01 January 2007 - By Michael J. McCord, Michal Matul

A detailed look at the potential for microinsurance in Azerbaijan.

08 August 2006 - By Michael J. McCord, Michal Matul

This paper looks at the demand and supply issues relating to microinsurance in Romania.

01 January 2006 - By Michal Matul, Elena Durmanova, Volodymyr Tounitsky

The results of qualitative and quantitative market research in Ukraine with the application of the access frontier methodology to estimate potential effective demand.

07 July 2004 - By Michael J. McCord

This paper reviews the current environment for microinsurance in Albania, and offers a discussion of the potential for increased activities.

05 May 2004 - By Michael J. McCord, Michal Matul

This study, conducted for KfW, prevides the results of demand and supply side research focused on developing microinsurance products and structures to deliver them.

12 April 2004 - By Michael J. McCord

The study was done for KfW and provides a complete analysis of microinsurance in Uganda covering topics ranging from demand and supply of microinsurance, the regulatory environment, the potential evolution of microinsurance, and others.

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