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What we do

As a passionate and interdisciplinary consulting team, we work with partners to develop and advise on creative and valuable risk management solutions covering a full range of risks for low-income populations, and we raise our voices to ensure that low-income people are not left out. Our microinsurance clients include multinational and domestic commercial insurers, foundations, bi- and multi-lateral development agencies, regulators, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and investors. Since 2000, we have worked with insurers and others to implement projects in more than 75 countries.

Who we work with

Working together to help low-income populations manage risk


The microinsurance market is distinct from traditional insurance, with unique challenges and opportunities. For insurers looking to start or sustain a successful microinsurance program, we bring industry-leading expertise to assist with:

  • Customer and market insights to understand low-income segments, distribution channels, value chains, and industry trends.
  • Product innovation from concept to pilot to rollout.
  • Business transformation and strategy to adopt new models, processes, and go-to-market capacity.

Donors and development agencies

For organizations working in the global development sector, building resilience through risk management solutions is a cornerstone of success. Our extensive work with development-sector organizations includes:

  • Regulatory and policy-level consulting, training, and assessment.
  • Industry development, including microinsurance product design, strategy, and capacity building.
  • Research on microinsurance supply and demand, market segmentation, and the enabling environment.
  • Innovation research on topics from household risk management to micro-pensions to remittances.


Ensuring proportionate regulations, valuable products for customers, and sustainability for insurers is a tough task for regulators accustomed to traditional insurance. We help smooth the way with:

  • Regulatory roadmaps, assessments, and implementation.
  • Capacity building through training for regulators, insurers, and distributors.


As a market-based solution, microinsurance requires investment—and must deliver returns. Investors turn to Milliman to evaluate and optimize opportunities so they can put their resources to work. We offer:

  • Investment support through country and institutional feasibility assessments, training, opportunity identification, and due diligence.
  • Technical assistance to help investees succeed, such as go-to-market strategy and business transformation.

Non-insurance sector organizations

Insurers aren’t the only organizations with a role to play in microinsurance. We also work with banks, FinTechs, and businesses from non-financial sectors. Whether you’re starting from a new idea or a mature business, we can help you achieve your goals with:

  • Insights on feasibility, institutional readiness, markets, competition, customers, and partnerships.
  • Implementation assistance including strategy, prototyping, testing, training, and partnership development.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

We’re here to help

Ask the tough questions. We’re ready for them.

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